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Each model of Video glasses comes with unique features and technical details. Wearing these glasses will not damage either your eyes or your health. It uses and LCD or LCOS panels that are semi-transparent materials and project a virtual picture at an approximately two meter distance. It is suggested that after using the glasses three to four hours to make a break from them so not to tire your eyes out.


Near-sighted people can wear them as well. But it is advised to wear contact lenses if you have them instead of normal glasses to avoid wearing two sets of glasses at once, which is not comfortable. Some glasses are slightly heavier than regular ones but the wearer won't notice it as they are wearing them.


The video glasses can be connected to Any device as long as it has an AV output such as a television, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, portable DVD player, Xbox, or digital or analog TV tuner, Ipods, and PCs as well. To connect an Ipod to the glasses, select the top TV-out jack and not the bottom one then select the TV-out jack from the setup menu, but you must also have special cable, because Apple has locked it and will need a special AV cable purchased from a licensed Apple dealer.


Video glasses

When connecting a personal computer or the laptop to the glasses, you have to follow the special guidelines. Every computer has VGA mode, so connect the VGA port, the audio to the audio jack, and the USB to the USB port. Now, Go to setup for the graphic card and then duplicate image for two monitors. Some laptops have a different setting but try this first and select duplicate image for each monitor, if its impossible, contact the laptop dealer and ask them how to duplicate the image for two monitors. Right click the mouse then select property, which is for XP or lower/ or personalization, which is on Vista. After this Select display setup when using Vista, then advanced setup and list all modes, So we have come here, final step, Select 640 by 480 60 Hz then confirm and exit.


This video eyewear are designed for virtual reality experience with video games and personal computer gaming as well. It gives a Full 3D effect and a motion sensor control for the game giving it a different view, for this purpose the best are Vuzix video glasses. They are also good for watching a films because the glasses give a large screen for viewing it approximately 2 meters in diagonal.

Video glasses